Brick repointed with lime putty mortar

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Brick repointed and voids filled with lime mortar

Since the brick were severely damaged, the cracks and missing portions of brick were filled and rebuilt with the same lime mortar. This chimney extends above a roof of a 3 story home and is hardly visible from the street. In the case of more visible brick work, the damaged brick surface can be restored and rebuilt with a mix of lime putty, brick dust and pigmented to the color of the original brick. 

Historic brick historic brick chimney repointed with lime morar

Once an area is repointed the brickwork is brushed off and the joints are washed with a sponge to expose the aggregate in the mortar. Tooling the joints with a metal jointer to a slick surface is not recommended as it hinders carbonation and does not resemble the weathered, historic mortar look. Exposing the aggregate either by washing it with a well wrung sponge or stippling with a stiff brush increases the surface area of the mortar joint, aids carbonation and mimics the worn out look of the original mortar. New work is immediately covered with burlap to allow for slow curing.

The burlap and brickwork is regularly wetted several times per day, for several days or even weeks, (depending on the season and weather conditions) to aid slow curing and carbonation.

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