Born and raised in Florence Italy, Fabio Bardini attended the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze and Palazzo Spinelli Design School where he studied Geometry, Drawing, Painting, Art forms and Architectural History from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras to the Renaissance period.

Living in Tuscany, surrounded by historic buildings, formal gardens, sculptures and art created by the masters of past times inspired Fabio to express his passion for art and design studies beyond the drawing board.

Paired with his background through Art schools and the passion for stone work, Florentine Renaissance Masonry was established and has been designing and building for residential clients and Historic Institutions, Museums in the Greater Boston area and New England since 1990. 

Fabio is the principal of Florentine Renaissance Masonry but what distinguishes the outcome of his work is that he personally designs, selects materials and executes his projects from beginning to completion.  

 "What intrigues me about stonework is the simplicity of the tools; a hammer and chisel, a trowel; ancient tools virtually unchanged through the ages. It is the individual vision and skills which defines the beauty, quality and ultimate outcome of a project.

I always liked working with my hands and stone became my favored material. Working as a designer and a stone mason allows me to extend into a space in which my work evolves from an idea, to a drawing, into real, functional and artistic pieces".

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