Brick cleaned and repointed with lime putty mortar

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Repointing with lime mortar

Once the entire chimney has been prepared, cleaned and treated with limewater the application of the new mortar begins. The lime mortar is prepared by matching it "Like for like" with the original. Samples of the original mortar have been analyzed. This mortar was composed of lime putty and locally sourced coarse sand. The new mortar was prepared by mixing coarse sand of similar color screened to the same size as the original and traditionally produced pure lime putty. The proper mixing procedure requires blending the ingredients without additional water by chopping with a hoe and beating the mix with a large wooden pestle to achieve a stiff but plastic consistency. The mortar is packed into the joints in lifts and compressed with the jointing tool. It is left slightly recessed to keep the face of the brick fully exposed. 

Repointing historic brick with lime mortar

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