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stuccatore veneziano

True STUCCO VENEZIANO also known as  MARMORINO, is a highly decorative finish which dates back to Roman times (Opus Marmoreum) and experienced a revival during the Renaissance Period in Venice and subsequently all over Italy and Europe. 

Many variances exist but the main ingradients are all based on simple traditional materials such as lime putty, marble dust, earth pigments, linseed oil, genuine Marseille olive oil soap and Beeswax.

The natural materials used to make these highly decorative finishes are ecofriendly, hipoallergenic, antibacterial and anti fungal due to the high alkalinity of the lime and marble sand.

Marmorino layers

Marmorino plaster is not purchased. The craftsman makes his own from raw materials and it should not to be confused with the multitude of  modern industrially produced materials marketed as "Venetian Plaster" in existance today.  

These industrial products are unfortunately, sinthetic "imitation" and do a very poor job at representing these highly refined finishes which roots date back to Roman times.

The reality is that there are only a few"maestri" in Italy who are available to implement and pass down this craft, and fewer yet in the USA.

Cocciopesto floor beaters

COCCIOPESTO is another highly decorative plaster dating back to Roman times and used extensively during the Renaissance to envelop the notorious Venetian palaces. The Romans also utilized Cocciopesto to imlement durable floors or as a base to lay their intricate stone mosaics. The Venetians also took on this technique and redeveloped it for their luxurious TERRAZZO floors. Made with crushed soft fired brick and lime putty Cocciopesto is an ecofriendly and highly resistant finish able to withstand wet or humid environments such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms. It is an finish with unequaled performance and unique appeal. 

Cocciopesto floor layers

TADELAKT is yet another highly decorative finish which is currently experiencing an interest in the US.  This waterproof plaster indigenous to Marocco is based on the same principles and materials as Marmorino and Cocciopesto but polished with a polished agate stone instead of a trowel. It can be used for wet environment surfaces such as showers, sinks and even bath tubs.

At Florentine Renaissance Masonry we are proud to offer  these traditional and unique highly sought after plaster finishes to enrich the beauty of your home.  

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