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Bluestone is an elegant and versatile stone sourced form Pennsylvania and New York State. I particularly enjoy drawing, cutting and implementing patio inlay designs utilizing different color stone for patios and terraces. Bluestone is also a choice material for stairs, walkways and wall coping. 

Our ability to machine cut and hand chisel Bluestone enables us to produce customized and unique project designs from slabs of any size.  

We pay close attention to the layout of our work by implementing well thought out patterns for our walkways, stair and landings. 

Our exclusive edging techniques prevent paving material from migrating outward and we utilize laser tecnology to lay out correct level and pitch.

Unfortunately in the last few years the quality of bluestone available from the local masonry suppliers has dramatically decreased. Finding quality material requires careful selection from the available stock and it is not uncommon to find only 20% of quality stone on any given pallet. 

For this reason we only shop at suppliers which allow us to pick from their stock and hand select the highest quality bluestone to ensure a beautiful and long lasting  project.

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