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Granite is a great material for stone work and will outperform all other stone material. It is acid, salt, abrasion and frost resistant and will not succumb to the harsh New England weather.  Granite is aboundant in the North East and many types are available from the numerous quarries in the region. Cape Ann granite is one of my favorite stone to work with and it is sourced locally from the Gloucester and Rockport area.

Our ability to split, hand shape and cut granite to any size and shape allows us to create masonry structures which are not confined by the limits of granite stock commercially available at the local masonry material suppliers. We source our granite material ranging in size from large boulders and blocks to smaller "one man" stone, directly form the quarries in the New England area.

We are able to create unique granite stone work with unlimited possibilities of style and design to craft fireplaces, structural and veneer walls, archways, stairs, driveways and many other projects.

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