Lime paint application over lime stucco walls

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Lime paint application over stucco walls

After curing, the stucco is ready for the lime paint application. Lime paint differs from modern finishes by penetrating into the substrate and not forming a film over the surface allowing for vapor exchange.

Modern paints, either water or oil based, form a surface film which traps moisture inside the stucco and are soon destined to fail by blistering and peeling off. Trapping moisture within the walls, these paints also cause deterioration to the stucco itself, inner lumber framing and possibly cause mold growth within the walls. Removing these modern finishes is also a very labor intensive and costly task.

On the other hand, Lime paint wears out slowly and can be easily re-applied indefinitely over the stucco without the need of scraping or sanding. There are buildings in Europe that have been lime painted over a hundred times. 

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